Our Big Purpose

Making Real Food A Way of Life

woman at farmers market
Our big, bold purpose is to inspire people and assist them in making informed choices about real food:

Food that is fresh, whole, unrefined, unprocessed and in as natural a state as possible.   It’s not just about cooking. We believe that living real food means making real and healthy food a way of life.

Technology has increased awareness of the importance of fresh food choices for good health, yet the lack of time and know-how often makes planning and choosing fresh ingredients difficult.  Up until now, there has been no convenient, single online resource that simplifies making healthy real food.

Kids learn what they live

We want to change the way kids learn about food. We want to educate parents so they can teach their children ‘living real food’ patterns (food buying and preparation) that will help them lead healthier lives. Our big vision is to empower moms and dads who are newbies to healthy food – with simple information and tools needed to make eating real food easy and delicious.

We also believe that our customers want more than just cooking help for eating healthy; they also want to make a difference in the world with their food choices by supporting sustainable businesses, and by eating fresh, simple, and local. We’re driven by integrity, empathy for our customers, transparency, and community around healthy food choices: real food, made real simple. That’s what gets us excited every day.