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By October 1, 2015Real Food

Welcome to Living Real Food, your go-to source for tools, advice, know how, and information about eating well with purpose. Living real food is a healthy lifestyle that is based on understanding and eating real food.

Here at Living Real Food, we love healthy, delicious food—not just eating it, but learning about where our food comes from and how it is grown or produced, shopping for and choosing ingredients, stocking our pantries with quality cooking essentials, finding and using the best tools, discovering quick and easy cooking methods, and turning raw ingredients into tasty and satisfying meals.

Before we started Living Real Foods, we wondered how eating got so complicated and confusing. What, we wondered, are the challenges that keep food lovers from enjoying the kind of healthy, sustainable, local, homemade, delicious foods they love? Through our research, we found that many people simply don’t know enough about wholesome ingredients—where to buy them, how to select them, and what to do with them once they get them home to the kitchen. Some simply don’t know the basics of how to prepare fresh foods, while others feel like they never have the right staples in their pantry or tools in their kitchen to whip up a meal. Still others are convinced that they don’t have enough time or money to eat the kinds of home-prepared meals they’d like.

We started Living Real Food because we believe that healthy, delicious, homemade meals are accessible for everyone, even those with limited time, budgets, and cooking experience. By experimenting with a different kind of eating, discovering what you love, boosting your kitchen know how, connecting with others over shared meals, and learning more about the food you eat, you will begin to get even more nutrition, satisfaction, and enjoyment from the foods you love. Living real food isn’t a destination, it is a personal journey and we hope to offer guidance and advice that will lead you to living the real food life you want.

Living real food means eating fresh, delicious, seasonal whole foods

Living real food means eating fresh, delicious, seasonal whole foods

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